it’s outta here!

What a home run report we have for this week! Cable Fledderjohn is making quite a name for himself in our Juniors Division. Not only did he hit TWO GRAND SLAMS on Saturday against Clairemont, those Grand Salamis were hit in the SAME INNING. Wow! Fledderjohn went on to hit one more dinger in the game, along with Shane Cannon (has 4th this season) and Evan McDowell (his 1st this season).

In our Intermediate Division, there were quite a few home runs this week to report. Gehrig Evans brought in his 6th dinger; Ozzie Smith hit two this week bringing his total to 6; Trey Arnold knocked in his 5th; Will Foster and Chase Jenkins both upped their total to 3; and we had three newcomers to Dinger Nation this week, Benny Roberts, Jackson Harney, and Carson Pusch! Way to go guys!

2021 season is underway!

Games schedules and some division standings are available on the division pages. For more information on our procedures and COVID protocols, please visit ourĀ LINKS & FORMS page. We are so excited for our 2021 season. Join us in celebrating the return of youth sports!

character awards!

If your child received a character award at 2019 Closing Ceremonies, you canĀ pick it up at the concession stand at Bradley Field during a weekday or weekend game. Congratulations on the award!