Dear Parents,

As a reminder, your child’s All Star Interest and Commitment Letter is due to your coach no later then this Saturday, April 27.  All documents are linked below.

To those parents and players who are interested in All Stars, PLEASE read this important information.

  1. Tuesday, April 30 from 5:30 – 7PM at Bradley Field is the ONLY day for District Verification –  you must have your documents verified by the District in order to be eligible for All Star consideration.  No Board Member from Coronado Little League can verify, ONLY the District 32 representative.
  2. To be eligible for All Stars, each player needs to present;
    • School Verification Form (must be signed by Coronado School District) (link below)
    • ORIGINAL & COPY of birth certificate.
    • Player Verification Form (link below)

This year, we are only requiring the school verification form INSTEAD of 3 proofs of residency. If we do not have all required documentatioby April 30 between 5:30 – 7PM, your child will not be included on the All Star ballot.

If your child’s name is NOT listed below, please bring a SIGNED School Verification form, Tournament Verification form (below) and an ORIGINAL & COPY birth certificate to Bradley Field on Tuesday, April 30.

2019 All Star Commitment Letter
2019 All Star Information Letter
2019 Tournament-Player-Verification
School Enrollment Form

Below is the list of players from our AAA, Intermediate, and Juniors Divisions for whom we have sufficient proofs of residency and birth certificates that Lisa LaPage, District 32, has signed from last year and DO NOT need to come on APRIL 30. These players still need to turn in an All Star Commitment Letter to their Manager by Saturday, April 27.

Ryder Albin
Trey Arnold
Aidan Bayless
Shane Bergstrom
Sam Cahill
Shane Cannon
John Carlson
Liam Conlon
Logan Craig
Dominic DiMatteo
Alex Elia
Gehrig Evans
William Foster
Andrew Gaughan
Liam Gaughan
Jack Gould
Stanley Guymon
Brant Heintzelman
Lucas Hissin
Chase Jenkins
Ryan Kimura
Owen Lewis
Connor Little
Harry McCue
Colton Miller
Jake Nelson
Johnny Nelson
Justin Nelson
Noah Pierre
Aidan Ramirez
Benny Roberts
Nick Ryan
Colin Schrum
Ozzie Smith
Landon Sutherland
Mateo Villanueva