Welcome to the 2019 season and our Intermediate Division! Please see below for team information and game schedule. All games are played at Bradley Field. The first team listed is the HOME team.


CMG Mortgage BLACK OPS | Manager: Rob Ward
Coronado Golf Shop RAPTORS | Manager: Derek Skaalen
Glorietta Bay Inn BLUE DEVILS | Manager: Bill Villanueva
Island Carpets DIRT DEVILS | Manager: Matt Cannon
Milberg Orthodontics FLOSSERS | Manager: Jerry Sutherland
The Werth Group BALLERS  | Manager: Dave Werth

Intermediate Standings

1Glorietta Bay Inn (Villanueva)52
2Werth Group (Werth)42
3Milberg Orthodontics (Sutherland)43
4CMG Mortgage (Ward)24
4Coronado Golf Shop (Skaalen)24
4Island Carpets (Cannon)24