Welcome to the our T-Ball Division page!

Do you have questions about T-Ball? Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

1. What are the T-Ball ages?
T-Ball is ages 4-7. All ages are determined by the child’s League Age according to Little League International. To determine your child’s league age, CLICK HERE.

2. How do I register?
You can register by clicking HERE. The cost for T-Ball is $100. You will need to provide documents to the league at one of our Document Days. More information and documentation needed is on our SPRING BALL page.

3. Can girls register for T-Ball?
Yes! Coronado Little League welcomes boys and girls.

4. When does the T-ball season start?
Practices will begin the first week of February and the season will end the last week of May. There are a few holidays that fall during the season, including spring break. T-Ball does not have games on those weekends.

5. What is the time commitment?
T-Ball has one practice during the week and a game every Saturday. Practices are held at a variety of parks in Coronado. The place, day, and time of the practice is determined by each coach. Games are Saturdays at 9AM at Tidelands Park.

6. What equipment will my T-Baller need? Coronado Little League provides all players with a jersey, hat, belt, and socks. You will need to provide baseball pants (color determined by coach), a baseball glove, bat, and batting helmet.

7. Can my children be on the same team?
Yes! We honor sibling requests.

8. Can my child and their friends be on the same team with coach “John”?
We do the best we can to honor friend requests, but if 13 players request coach “John” and there are only 10 players to a team, we will establish the teams accordingly.

9. Can I manage a team?
YES! We are in need of managers. Coronado Little League will provide the practice gear and hold a coaches clinic. No experience is necessary. If you are interested in coaching a team, please email our T-Ball Director, Melissa Roberts HERE. We love volunteers. If you cannot manage, your team will need assistant coaches and a team parent. Please indicate when you register online that you are interested in volunteering. All volunteers will need to fill out the volunteer form, which includes a background check.

Still have questions? Email our Division Director, Melissa Roberts.